Test innovative ideas in a retail setting (Food, Drug, Mass, Natural Convenience, Specialty, etc.) analyzing real purchasing behavior


Fitting for teams who are ready to verify if all of the elements of their product (performance, price, placement, promotion) work together in the right way, or who need to develop a real sales story to help with future sell in.


1 weekend – 20 weeks (test period)


Test your disruptive innovation in a customizable selling situation using real consumer purchasing behavior. Tests can be short and focused (1 weekend) to verify if consumers can understand the concept while in “shopping mode,” or long and integrative (8-20 weeks) to allow for detailed analytical measurements including category performance, share, trial, repeat, incrementally (to your base brand or the category) source of volume, switching behavior, shopper profile and more.


Additional testing options:

  • Test cell structure – set up 1, 2 or even 3 cells testing different price points, packaging, shelf placement, communication, etc.
  • “Blinded” UPC codes – by using Mission Field’s GS1 UPC codes, your test will be virtually blinded to the competition.
  • Marketing communications – we can design, develop and execute a range of marketing tactics for the retail program
  • Direct Response - Direct to consumer sales methodology that tests viability of concepts and gathers information on consumer targets through Digital, DRTV, Direct Radio, Direct Print or even Shopping Networks (HSN, QVC)


Unique program dynamics:

  • Channel / Retailer - we can set up a test with virtually any retailer in any channel
  • Rapid set up –lead times for set up are as short as 6-8 weeks vs. the 6—8 month cycle needed to establish a classic test market
  • Internal Sales Relief – Protect your sales team from having to to manage, sell or leverage any of their relationships. We take care of everything