When you hear about how the best large corporations operate, you’ll hear a lot about methodology, analytics, discipline, rigor and objectiveness. When the same topic is discussed for entrepreneurs, it’s often topics like freedom, impact and passion. In the world of innovation and insights we at Mission Field believe that the truth is not an amalgamation of those thing… it’s just one side of the coin. Can you guess which one?

The best insight often lies not in the middle but on either end of two differing opinions. Our consultants have strong insights and opinions, but we all would rather acquiesce on a point of view if someone has deeper level of passion for their idea. Why? First, a strong conviction for a specific direction is the rocket fuel of passion. And passion can turn into an infectious enthusiasm that can be a driving vision for upending the way we look at a category or product challenge. Second, passion amplifies motivation. When an idea is believed in and truly fought for, then the collective will of the team can often elevate that opportunity to its maximum height, allowing it a chance to fully breath and absorb its maximum potential. Lastly, passion for an idea can act as a safety net for the furthest reaches of disruption. When things feel edgy is often when corporate teams start to back away claiming the level of risk involved. Great ideas really only fail when you give up on them.

If your innovation and insights team tends to compromise on their ideas and drive them to the middle, then let us at Mission Field help you re-instill their passion for the unique, disruptive and edgy… because breakthrough innovation is more likely to be found on the edges than the all-pleasing compromise