Each January brings the inevitable messages and promotions for self-improvement.  And this year is no exception.  But in the “same old, same old” messages, I always find a few nuggets that end up resonating with me.  This year, in a short article I saw on LinkedIn about career lessons, I found this one that seems apropos to what I spend my time doing at Mission Field: Never Stop Learning.

My twist on this is, Never Stop Evolving.  The world we operate in today is different than the one I entered when I graduated from business school.  There are retail channels that didn’t exist then (hello Amazon!). There are marketing channels that didn’t exist then – social media as the new version of good old Word-of-Mouth marketing.  And there are entire categories of products that didn’t exist back then… to use an example from a friend’s company – milk from flax seeds did not exist back then.

So if you’re using the same old approach to innovation and new product development that your company was using 20 years ago?  The world may be passing you by.  It’s time to evolve.  And that’s where we can help.  We have been in your shoes and now we’re outside your walls.  So we are able to think differently about how to solve your innovation problems.  If your company could use a push in the evolution direction, give us a call.  We’d love to hear about your challenges and show you how we can help evolve your thinking and processes so you can win in today’s & tomorrow’s marketplace.