What:                    One last way to give a disruptive idea new life inside your walls

Who:                     Innovation teams that are pushing into new frontiers

When:                   2-3 Months


Through this program, we will put your innovative idea through a real world venture capital process and test it in an iterative way with both angel investor and venture capital input. Along the way we will help you re-think the use of available resources as an entrepreneur would, using the principals of the “Lean Start Up” model, to create a winning business that generates the greatest probability of success.

One of the many outputs is a business plan that could allow the innovation to be launched externally, as an entrepreneur would, and the capital required to do so. Your company can then take these insights, acknowledge the risks are too great, and strive to acquire that external capital to fund an entrepreneurial launch as a Newco; or it may be convinced - because the model is not too different from internal capabilities and external groups are ready to invest - that they should take on both the risk and rewards of a innovative opportunity.